I work with cutting edge entrepreneurs, leaders, and C-level executives who are paving the way for BIG change. You’re building a business where you are leading others, but you don’t have to go at it alone. What would it be like to wake up peaceful and joyful every day while growing your influence and impact?


How do we generate the best in us day-in and day-out, as we continue to grow to serve a bigger mission, so that we’re not sacrificing our lives for our business?


What’s possible? Achieve more success without tying yourself into knots. Create relationships that thrive, businesses that grow, and day to day fulfillment.


Are you ready to create a life designed to powerfully increase Freedom and Joy?

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Breathe in the beauty, refreshing serenity, and cleansing mountain air of the Magic Mountain and experience a community of like-minded co-creators. Give yourself the gift of a new environment, to see yourself differently, and know yourself as powerful, peaceful, and cherished.


 Create more power, freedom, and joy in an intensive one on one environment. Bring awareness to what’s in the way of your growth so you can access power in all areas of your life.



Hi, I’m Trish Kapinos. It’s my passion helping leaders create high levels of growth and performance in their business and life. I help C-level executives and top level entrepreneurs break through upper limits to success and experience a gratifying career, peace, and joy.

It’s time to get back your Joy! Let’s find it together.

Trish Kapinos

How can you cultivate JOY today?