1. Invite your Big Vision in. It doesn’t matter what you call it, only that you call it forth. We all have a Big Vision inside of us, waiting to be expressed. It’s unique to you and pulling you forward to create something magnificent.

2. Identify your passion. Think back to your childhood. What were your favorite things to do? What are those interests or hobbies that simply light you up and excite you? Your passion fuels your vision, and it can shift and evolve over time. What’s really important is to own it.

3. Contribute in your world. No matter the scale, large or small, consider what and where you want to have influence. Then do it. What’s the difference you want to make?

4. Create Clarity. Ponder these Questions:

– What would bring more Joy and happiness into your life?

– What do you love learning about, talking about and sharing with others?

– What would be FUN to bring forward that’d leave you with a sense of fulfillment?

5. Craft your Legacy. What is the mark you want to make? Is there a legacy you want to leave behind? How will the world be better because you were in it? When you are courageous enough to really own your vision and bring it forward, you create a lasting legacy in the hearts and minds you impact.

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