A few years ago a friend passed me a note during a conference that simply said:  JOY:  Just Own Yourself! Something made me think of it today.  It’s so TRUE!  JOY is when we just own ourselves. Let me explain…

 I think of Joy as a beacon calling me back to myself, my essence, it’s my truest nature, it’s my soul expressing itself.  When I am in alignment with my truest nature, I experience joy.

Joy is our most natural state, it’s what we are meant to experience during our time here.  In fact, Joy is our birthright, it’s the most authentic expression of who we are.  When we are in alignment with our soul – life is fluid, flowing and it feels great.  When we’re out of alignment  we feel stuck, sluggish or bad; it’s just the souls way of giving us a signal to course correct.  Pretty ingenious stuff really!

When we listen from this place within ourselves – our desires speak to us.  It might be through nudges like “go left” or “make the call” or bigger visions of what’s possible for your life like “a business that changes how we communicate globally” or “a business that changes how women create their lives after 50”.  And rest assured, when you are listening, your soul is guiding you from an innate place of JOY.

So this note:  “Just Own Yourself” was brilliant!  When we take the time to align with our soul, to listen to it’s wisdom we are creating a trajectory of unbelievable grace and opulence in our lives. It’s where JOY radiates and enlivens all aspects of who we are.  It’s because of all of this that I believe JOY MATTERS!

Take the time to define what joy is for you and next week I will begin to share my JOY practices. The very things I do to create, harness, expand and cultivate everyday joy.  Because the more we experience JOY in our lives, the easier it is to listen to our innate guidance, leading us on the path to experience pure bliss!

So to help you in defining what joy is for you, here’s what others have said :

  • “Joy comes from my being, like a little kid jumping up and down, excitement and joy. Element of Freedom in it, no expectations, or judgment, it just is a great place, be present to it, savor it.
  • “What is Joy to me…it’s a feeling, a frequency, a vibration, one of the qualities of the essence of Divinity, and a measure of how closely aligned I am to Source in my thinking and in my body. “
  • “When I’m present with my grandson, he is so curious and excited to learn new things, persistence, present – perfect and imperfect! Delicious feeling.  Eternal, infinite, divine, the meaning of existence.”
  • “My joy is talking about anything spiritual.”
  • “It’s an epic adventure and excitement! It’s appreciation for all the things I have made for myself and all the things around me. There’s a peace and gratitude in that.”
Much love,





One on One Coaching

In the last 36 hours, I’ve received a few unsolicited testimonials that left me feeling truly fulfilled. To see the work done with one person affecting people around them is so rewarding. It is my joy to help others step into their power and see those effects expand well beyond me!I have openings in my calendar for 2 new 1:1 clientsClick here if you’d like a spot.

See the results for our clients:

  • “Thank you for coaching me!  I’m in the best mental shape of my life. The body has NEVER looked or acted as healthy as it does now. My marriage is the stuff dreams are made of, and I’m Happy, content and at PEACE about 98.5% of the time.”
  • “You gave me an entirely new awareness of what I’ve been tolerating in my life. Your intuition was spot on and helped me gain a clear picture of the destructive patterns I’d been entrenched in, which motivated me into a state of deliberate action.”
  • “I sat for ten minutes after we hung up, when I opened my eyes everything looked as if the windows had just been washed, crisp and sparkly. Thank you. It was amazing!!!”


March 3 – 5

This retreat will move you out of the mind and into your heart. Let go of all that frenetic, over-thinking and move into a place of peace within yourself. Feel centered, nourished and free. In this space, allow your JOY to rise.

Trust yourself to make clear and powerful decisions. Know that YOU matter and give yourself permission to put yourself first.

Together, we will remove what’s blocking you from deeply connecting to your intuition so you can live powerfully, in alignment with your heart’s wisdom. Click here for more information.

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Majestic Sedona

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September 20 – 24

Our Sedona retreat is a spiritual journey of the soul. Slow down, recharge, and fill up.  Raise your vibration, increase your Joy, honor the soul.

Expand your sense of self leadership, and amplify your purpose and desires. Powerfully partner with the universe to accelerate your creations.

Create access to a new way of being that will change the trajectory of your life. Click here for more information.

Only 2 spots available. Reserve yours.