I have a BIG dream of working with world leaders to shift the consciousness of peace and joy on our planet! This Thursday is the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, DC. 3,000 Monarchs, Presidents, and Dignitaries from around the globe meet once a year for the sole purpose of promoting peace throughout the world.
Being a true born Magic Maker, I’ve held an intention to be there!  Just this week, I found a way to connect with these influential leaders, helping to shift the consciousness on our planet! I am so excited to be in this space with them!  Tomorrow I head into DC to be amongst the leaders committed to bringing peace to our planet with prayer and faith.
In the spirit of peace, would you help me amplify their efforts? Over the next 36 hours, I invite you to make your very own prayer for peace! Here is a 5 minute meditation to help. Feel it in your heart, and let it radiate out from you. All it takes is a minute or more of prayer or meditation to send that energy into the world. With over 3,000 leaders joined together in one place with a single focus on prayer, peace and faith, the possibilities are limitless. Imagine the beautiful things that can take flight with your energy combined with the energy of these powerful leaders. I’ll be with them Wednesday and Thursday amplifying this intention and holding a BIG space for Peace, Joy and Freedom for all.
Much love,




Living From The Heart Retreat

March 3 – 5

This retreat will move you out of the mind and into your heart. Let go of all that frenetic, over-thinking and move into a place of peace within yourself. Feel centered, nourished and free. In this space, allow your JOY to rise.

Trust yourself to make clear and powerful decisions. Know that YOU matter and give yourself permission to put yourself first.

Together, we will remove what’s blocking you from deeply connecting to your intuition so you can live powerfully, in alignment with your heart’s wisdom. Click here for more information.

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