IGNITE Home Edition


This program will change everything… how you relate to life, how you relate to others, and most importantly how you relate to yourself. Get ready to be supported in a BIG way from Trish, from the universe, and from your own expanding connection!

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Start your 5 week journey. Imagine what you can create if you fully trust yourself and played full out! Trish teaches that you CAN have the meaningful, joyful life you desire. In Ignite, she shows you exactly how to do it. Are you ready to engage ease and flow and embrace what’s possible?

  1. Ignite – Week 1 (55:22)
  2. Ignite – Week 2 (1:00:21)
  3. Ignite – Week 3 (1:17:41)
  4. Ignite – Week 4 (52:17)
  5. Ignite – Week 5 (1:03:19)


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