People often ask me how I stay so Joyful… The truth is, there are many practices and routines that I have in place to keep my energy up, to be excited and fulfilled. I do a lot of inner work; I’m always looking to go deeper and understand my emotions and body and how they’re all connected. Recently, I had some help, from my friends Kelly and Jeff, in creating more Joy and a deeper sense of ease.

Kelly and Jeff have developed an awesome system called The Change Militia. It’s a community and experience to get you reconnected, feeling happy, content, fulfilled, playful, and strong.

Much love,





Living From The Heart Retreat

March 3 – 5

This retreat will move you out of the mind and into your heart. Let go of all that frenetic, over-thinking and move into a place of peace within yourself. Feel centered, nourished and free. In this space, allow your JOY to rise.

Trust yourself to make clear and powerful decisions. Know that YOU matter and give yourself permission to put yourself first.

Together, we will remove what’s blocking you from deeply connecting to your intuition so you can live powerfully, in alignment with your heart’s wisdom. Click here for more information.

Only 3 spots available. Connect here to reserve yours.